My short message to you Edit

Well this has taken me hundreds of hours to do, and will take even more to "complete" it. If you'd like to donate to me after coming here and learning feel free by going here: Go Fund Me! If you have an idea or section you think would be nice if I added it, let me know in the Discussion board! Other than that I hope this site has helped you in some form or the other, please let your friends know about it and keep being awesome!

Helpful Samaritans Edit

Giving credit where due is important to me so here's the current list of people to thank etc. This list will be updated as I'm sure I'll be receiving more help over time!

Groggy/Talya: Did the banner & background edits etc.

"emjay202": He didn't help me directly but i took info from his outdated site and updated it to a more comprehensible version with the updated features of the game.

"User217283223": Same as emjay but for my Jiang-Hu page