Daily Quests Edit

Daily Quest Envoy

All daily quests can be found at the Daily Quest Envoy who is located (274, 468). Activities are in different locations and their location will be specified within the individual information page.

Note: The exception to this rule is Deityland, which is located in Dragon Island and will be explained on the Dragon Island page.

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Quest And Activity List Edit

Name Of Quest Type Average Length PVE or PVP
Dragon Island Hunting / Bosses Medium PVE / PVP with PK Points
Deityland Hunting / Bosses / PK Long PVE / PVP with PK Points
Worship Leaders Talk To NPC Short N/A
Release The Souls Search For Unit Short N/A
Magnolias All Around Talk To NPC Short N/A
Spirit Beads Hunting Medium PVE
Bright Fortune Search For Unit Short N/A
Everything Has A Price Hunting Medium PVE
Rare Materials Hunting Short PVE
Tower Of Mystery Bosses Medium PVE
------------------------------- ----------------------------- ---------- ----------------------------------
Name Of Activity Type Length PVE or PVP
Cross Server Hunting / PK Short PVE / PVP Enviroment
Solo & Team Arena PK Medium PVP
Clan War PK Medium PVP

Type Explained Edit

Type Meaning
Hunting You have to kill normal monsters of some sort to complete this quest.
Bosses You have to kill bosses to complete this quest / do part of this activity.
Talk To NPC You have to talk to an npc or click on something easily to complete activity.
Search For Unit Find the designated unit(s) that the quest npc tells you to find and click on those to complete.
PK This quest is either on an Open pk zone where you do not incur PK Points, or part of the quest you are encouraged to PK on. Just because the quest isn't labeled PK does not mean you are always safe, this is after all a PK game!

Length Explained Edit

The amount of time it should take an average player to do each quest effectively without using any tokens etc to auto complete it. Again this is the average length so someone like a king or someone with a good boss killer can turn something like Tower of Mystery from medium to short.

Length Of Time Actual Time
Short 0 - 5 minutes
Medium 5 - 30 minutes
Long 30 minutes +

Daily Tokens & Packs & Scrolls Edit

These are elements you should know about to farm the Daily Quest correctly.

Chi Tokens Edit

Chi Token
You will get a Chi Token from all of the daily quest except for the Dragon Island and Bright Fortune. Combining 7 together will give you 200 chi points, as well as exp or study points if you are 140. You will also gain 100 champion points if you are not already capped for the day. Chi tokens are also used to get extra event items that TQ decides to run. For example, at the time of this post the year of the dog event is going on. By combining 7 tokens it gives 5 additional bones. This happens quite often through the use of Chi Tokens and random events.
Justice Scroll

Justice Scroll Edit

This is obtained via the Tower Of Mystery Quest. It allows you to use the Chi Tokens more than once, assuming you have at least 14 for that day/previous days you haven't used. You can only use one of these per day.
Daily Quest Token
Daily Quest Golden Token
Endeavor Scroll

Daily Quest Token Edit

This token is acquired by completing cross server dailies, and is a reward given in Deityland. It can also be bought in the Champ Store under Arena if you haven't maxed out, or in the Horse Racing Store. It can auto complete any of the following quests you haven't completed yet for the day: Release The Souls, Magnolias All Around, Spirit Bead, Bright Fortune, Everything Has A Price, Rare Materials.

Daily Quest Golden Token Edit

This is the upgraded version of the Daily Quest Token. It will auto complete all the quests that the Daily Quest Token can complete all at once.

Daily Reset Scrolls Edit

These are also known as Endeavor Scrolls. Using one will allow you to do all daily quests over save for Dragon Island and Bright Fortune. These are obtained through Daily Sign-In, Dis City, Labyrinth and random events that TQ sets up. You can also sometimes buy these from other players in the market. You can only reset your Daily Quests once per day. Using this + the Justice scroll gives you a chance to use up to 21 chi tokens a day.