Fire Taoist is a fast paced sustained damage class that excels in stunning opponents and killing flying targets, as well as those who would use physical immunity skills. This now includes pirate immortal force when using the Rise of Taoism rune.

Fire Taoist Skills

This is a comprehensive list of Fire Taoist Abilities and what they do. Skills may be slower than they seem in the Visual Effects section. This is due to being tested in the Training Grounds where there is no cool-down in between uses of most skills there.

Fire Taoist Normal Skills

Skill Icon Skill Type Speed & Range. Fixed Skill Information



CP Cost

Standard Visual Effects

Single Target Spell. 100% Hit Rate.


Anywhere On Screen.

Fixed At Level 3. Does Your Magic Damage + An Additional 1166. Cost 64 Mp To Use. Useful In 1v1 Situations Where You're Trying To Keep Range To Avoid Being Hit.
Fire Circle / Inferno
Magic AOE Spell. Hits All Targets In Range. 100% Hit Rate. Slow.

12 Pace Diameter.

Fixed At Level 3. Does Your Magic Damage + An Additional 770. Cost 210 MP To Use. Very Useful For PVE. For PVP FOH Is Superior For Aoe Damage.
Fire Meteor
Fire Meteor
Magic Single Target Spell. 80% Hit Rate. Medium.

14 Paces.

Fixed At Level 7. Does Your Magic Damage + An Additional 3250. Cost 300 MP To Use. Not Really Useful Currently In Any Situation. High Burst But Slower Cast Time + Miss Chance Puts Its Overall Damage Under Tornado.
Fire Meteor
Fire Ball
Fire Ball
Magic Single Target Spell. 80% Hit Rate. Very Slow.

14 Paces.

Fixed At Level 7. Does Your Magic Damage + * See Below. Cost 105 MP To Use. Not Useful At All. They "Buffed" It By Reducing The Channeling Time, And Apparently Increased The Damage But It's Still Quite Slow And Impractical To Use.
Fire Ball
Fire Of Hell - AKA "FOH"
Fire Of Hell-0
Magic Multi Target AOE Spell. . 100% Hit Rate. Very Fast.

9 Paces.

Hits All Targets Within 8 paces of Original

Fixed At Level 3. Does Your Magic Damage + An Additional 400. Cost 210 MP to Use. Also Deals Extra Damage The Higher Your Fire Curse Rune Is. Useful In Group Fights & When Taking Damage Isn't A Major Concern. Does The Most DPS When Rune Damage Is Included

* Fire Ball Information

Wrong information

Fire Ball was updated with the 3.0 skills patch of October 2017. The problem is they messed up the numbers and did not update it in game either to where you check the skill. The information they gave on the update you can see on the right. The problem here is that the damage at level 3 was 1010, not at fixed. So while I don't doubt the damage was increased we can't be sure by how much. If we add the 990 (1010+990=2000) damage to the originally stated fixed damage of 2800, we get 3790. So I'd estimate the fixed damage to be around 3750-4000. You may be thinking, well maybe they increased the damage of the skill at lower levels. I had this thought too, but it doesn't make sense to go from level 3 of 2000 damage and then once it hits level 4 go down to 1332 damage so I would say we can rule this out. Not that it matters too much, as stated the skill is practically useless so this is just more of me wanting to be accurate in my description and giving you the facts!

Note: Fire Ring is the name of Fire Ball at lower levels.

Fire Taoist Epic Skills

These are obtained by doing the Taoist Epic Quest. Breaking Touch does not require an Epic Backsword to use while Flame Lotus does.

Skill Icon Skill Type Speed & Range Fixed Skill Information Fixed

CP Cost

Visual Effects
Breaking Touch
Breaking Touch
Magic Passive Skill. Slow Charge, Fast Activation.

Any Target Within 6 Paces Of The Burning Target Will Be Hit When It Activates.

Has A Chance To Burn A Target Hit By Either Tornado Or Fire Of Hell And Then Damage The Enemies Around The Target.

Non-Lethal. Will Not Leave Less Than 1 HP On Targets Around Burnt Target. Burnt Target Takes 0 Damage From This Skill.

Breaking Touch
Flame Lotus

Fire Taoist Rune Skills

These are obtained by getting the Fire Taoist runes. These can be bought in the champion point store, shopping mall, or at random events. They have events where they can be found as well.

Skill Icon Skill Type Speed & Range Fixed Skill Information Practicality Rune Color & Fixed Composition Points Standard Visual Effects
Burning Sky
Burning Sky
Magic Passive Skill. As Fast As you Fixed Immediately.

Will Do An Additional 30k Damage On Flying Targets, Or Targets Using Physical Immunity XP Skills.

Awesome Skill. Passive So You Don't Have To Worry About When To Use It. Red - N/A Fixed At Level 1
Burning Sky
Fire Curse Magic Passive Skill. - Works Only With FOH. Same As FOH Blue -
Rise Of Taoism Magic Transformation Skill. N/A Blue -

Recommended Attribute Points

These stat recommendation are assuming that you have a gourd, more spirit may be required otherwise.

For All Builds

  • Agility - 0
  • Spirit - 0-23
  • Strength - 0
  • Vitality - All other available points.

Some Recommended Builds

These are some recommended builds, there are always going to be more than I have listed for most classes. These can definitely help you get started out until you figure out what you want to do for yourself!

Note: These builds have been updated to keep the new runes in mind February 2019 Update. Chi and Jiang has been moved to the bottom of the build list.

Carry Builds

These are builds that focus on damage, rather than survivability or team work.

Pure Magic

  • Fire-Fire-Fire (aka Pure Fire) This gives you Heavens Blade, as well as Dodge for the unique abilities. ★★★✩✩

This build gets three stars because it still viable but not amazing.

Glass cannon build.

  • This build is probably best suited for pure fires, but you could also go a build with reflect in it for a bit of survivability. This build is not for someone who doesn't like dying as you will die, and die a lot. ★★✩✩✩ T

This build gets two stars because although rise of taoism can add some survability the +final mattack doesn't scale with mstrike so it's better to go tanky.

Chi recommended for all stages: Final Mattack/Break/Mattack/Mstrike

Jiang Hu Recommendation in order: Matt/Mstrike/Matt/Matt/Mstrike/Mstrike/Matt/Matt/Mstrike

This again is still IMO pretty terrible to do but its at least a little more viable with the Rise of Taoism rune and you might be able to survive some crits now with the extra HP but I still wouldn't run this build against a good king or you're likely to get destroyed and as soon as your rune goes on cool down you are indeed dead.

Point Build

  • Ninja-Warrior-Fire (aka Point Fire) This gives you Reflect, XP Shield, and Toxic Fog for your unique abilities. ★★✩✩✩

Chi recommended for all stages: Final Mattack/Max~HP/Mattack/Immunity

Jiang Hu Recommendation in order: FMatt/Imm/FMatt/FMatt/HP/Imm/FMatt/FMatt/HP

This build gets two stars because it's dying off more and more. Before you could win nearly 100% of the time and be the point king... now it's a different story. With perfection this build gets nerfed due to there being toxin eraser which if your opponent has high enough perfection completely nullifies Toxic Fog. Also, Windwalker counters this build hard due to their skill Revenge Tail. Rated two stars instead of one star because it still does well in lower brackets against those who don't run full detox.



These builds are the builds that would get you invited to teams, and still will while you don't really lose out on much so I'd still keep that Dragon Warrior build in mind but semi-carry and even possible carry fire is coming now with the Blue rune Rise of Taoist so it's up to you, but giving your team stamina won't hurt you and reviving the water if they die is always good too.

Revive Build

  • Warrior-Water-Fire (aka I can revive!... sometimes) This gives you XP shield, Magic Shield, Stigma, and Xp revive as your unique abilities. ★★★✩✩

This build gets three stars, as very rarely is your xp revive going to be clutch, but it could be. You can also use Magic Shield, and Xp shield when you need that extra defense.

Dragon Roar Build

  • Dragon Warrior-Warrior-Fire(aka Fire that gets invited to teams) This gives you Dragon Roar, Reflect, and Xp Shield as your unique abilities. ★★★★✩

This build gets four stars. Is it perfect? No, however, it is the best support style that a Fire Taoist can be without becoming useless. 50 stamina per 15 seconds to your teammates in a large AOE is quite nice. You will also have near maximum survivability with Reflect, and Xp shield only missing Magic shield. This is the build you probably want to run if team arena events are your forte.



These builds are for players who want to maximize defense rather than attack or support.

Stig & Shield Reflect Build

  • Water-Warrior-Fire (aka I'm so tanky) This gives you XP Shield, as well as Reflect, Magic Shield, and Accuracy & Stigma for your allies for your unique abilities. ★★★✩✩

Rated three stars as honestly the only thing you gain over the superior support build with Dragon Roar is Magic Shield. Most teammates will have self stigma and there's the water so this isn't really useful.

Full Defensive Build

  • Monk-Warrior-Fire (aka You wut m8?) This gives you Reflect, Serenity, and Xp Shield for your unique abilities. ★★✩✩✩

Rated two stars as this build is extremely situational. The only time I would recommend this build is if there is someone you regularly come across in arena events that hits you with a status effect that is bothering you and making difficult situations arise where you lose, or might lose and you have no other way to deal with it properly.

All other build paths can be found here.

Chi & Jiang for all BP levels.

These are the chi builds for all builds except for the glass cannon which is specified in that section.

Rise of Taoism

If you want to work towards getting the really rare blue rune Rise of Taoism for fires, non kings should focus

Chi: Mattack/Hp/Imm/BT

Jiang: Mattack/HP/Imm and stage 1 BT.

For kings obviously swap that break to +final.

Fire Curse

If you're going to focus the Fire Curse rune you should go

Chi: HP/Imm/Mattack/+Final Mattack

Jiang: Hp/Imm/Mattack

Subtle differences between the two but worth noting.

Pro Tip

Even if you choose to focus the Rise Of Taoism rune you should still have Fire Curse in your alt gear rune set so you can switch between them while Rise Of Taoism is on cool down.

Pros and Cons

  • Taoist is one of the cheapest classes in co to buy gear for with unbound cps.
  • Taoist has one of the highest HP in the game due to their Hossu.
  • Fire Taoist can do very well in solo events and win by points in many situations and now be a straight up killer with the right chi/gear/runes.
  • Fire Taoist due to their magic damage are able to hit targets that are immune to physical such as the Warriors' Xp skill Maniac Dance, Ninjas Vortex, and Flying Archers. They are almost always needed in GW & CTF due to this reason.
  • With Burning Sky Rune they will destroy any of those listed above who are doing those actions. Again, really core for GW & CTF, quite useful in team events as well.
  • Magic Damage against monsters and bosses is stronger than it would hit a player with the same stats for.
  • It's nearly impossible to kill someone that matters with a Fire Taoist without first draining all their potions unless they are dumb enough to fly around you or use a physical immunity XP skill. This is no longer true due to the new Rise of Taoism rune. With that being said you need to still have the right stats to kill people but it is definitely doable now and a lot of people do not want to mess with a good Fire Tao at this point.