Trojan Skills

Recommended Attribute Points

  • Agility - 36
  • Spirit - 0
  • Strength - 0
  • Vitality - All other available points.

Recommended Builds

  • Water-Warrior-Trojan (aka This is the only Trojan build) This gives you the skills Accuracy, Magic Shield, Reflect, and Stigma as your unique abilities. ★★★★★

Chi recommended for non-kings all stages: Break/Max~HP/Pattack/Immunity Jiang Hu for non-kings recommendation in order: Break/Imm/Pattack/Break/HP/Imm/Pattack/Break/HP

For kings, you switch the Break for Pstrike in Jiang Hu and Chi. For stage one Jiang it's recommended to go Antibreak or Mdefense since no Pstrike is available.

Rated five stars as it's the only viable Trojan build to consider.

All other build paths can be found here.

Pros and Cons


  • Trojan is one of the cheapest classes in co to buy gear for with unbound cps.
  • Trojan has a built in multiplier of 1.15 @ level 110 for every health point they have. This includes things such as gourd, necklace +, and vitality points. They will have one of the highest HP in the game at any stage in the game. The only classes higher would be Taoist, Assassins, and possibly Shield Warriors. Please refer to the Attribute Points page for more information.


  • Once they run out of stamina, without a higher Perfection level than at least one of their opponents they are pretty much stuck on empty until they get their Xp Skill Super Cyclone.
  • The absolute worst class at doing bosses besides Water Taoist.
  • Currently under powered and no reason to play them over Dragon Warrior or Windwalker who are semi clones of the Trojan with higher damage rates as well as more survivability skills and CC skills.

Brief History

The Trojan class has been available to play since the beginning of Conquer Online and was the original powerhouse of the game only contended by Fire Taoist. Trojan was a class that kept this game challenging due to the skill level it took to play the class with it's strongest skill Fast Blade or Scent Sword. In recent times, however, it has fallen from grace and become the weakest class in the game next to the shield warrior.

Trojans Fall From Grace

The fall of Trojan began on December 19th, 2008. This would mark the release date of Conquers' newest class the Ninja. The class had an overall easier play style as instead of their strongest attack being a skill shot you would just need to get close to someone and click them to do the same, if not higher damage. That with the ninja having an overall completely better skill kit and Fast Blade & Scent Sword being weapon skills, not class skills would create the new hybrid ninja class that would use a Blade or Sword instead of Katanas to have access to the fun skill shot while also having better overall stats, except for hit points, as at this time coronet had zero magic defense and you could use the rest of the Ninjas' skills when needed.

Trojans Short Redemption

Trojan had a short period of redemption in 2014 and was able to become the top class again for a short time during the expansion "Wrath of the Trojan" which introduced Trojan epics as well as new skills. Unfortunately, this didn't last long as soon after the expansion the release of TQ's two newest classes crushed them once again.

The End of Trojan

The final death of Trojan came in the form of Bruce Lee, or what they later chose to call the "Dragon Warrior". This class had everything the Trojan had, and more. It had a superior Fast Blade / Scent Sword skill with longer range, damage, and with a mini stun on top of it. The Dragon Warrior has a superior Area of Effect skill and is just a completely better and more versatile class in every way. There are few Trojan players now due to the fact that the Dragon Warrior, along with the "Windwalker", the newest class are both Trojan remakes that have ended up being superior. Without a re-balance Trojan is going to be forever under-powered and under-played compared to its new alternatives.