About This Section

This is a section dedicated to helpful video guides that users have made. Hopefully these will be of use to some of you!

The Guides

Cross Server / Daily / Weekly Quest Guide: A comprehensive video on how to do your daily / weekly / and cross server quests. Helps explain the ins and outs and how to do them efficiently.

Guide to Gearing Up With Champ Points! This guide tells you about Champion Points, how to get them, and how you can get some great gear for free by just completing your quests each week!

Chi / Jiang / Potting Trick: This video is a little older so the numbers on the chi may be a bit outdated, but otherwise, it's a pretty informative video! Just remember to aim for 97+ on Dragon/Phoenix and 96+ on Turtle/Tiger and you'll do great!

Best Fire Taoist Build 2017: This video takes you through the 5 star Fire Taoist build and goes into more detail as to why it's the best and how to build it! Note: This build is focused on solo play not team!