Wind Walker is a versatile physical damage class. It excels in ranged attack and is still decent in melee combat if you want to swap between the branches.

Wind Walker Skills

This is a comprehensive list of Wind Walker skills and what they do.

Wind Walker Universal Skills (Including XP Skill)

Skills that overlap and work in either the stomper or chaser mode.

Skill Icon Skill Type Fixed Skill Information Practicality Fixed Level & CP Cost Visual Effects
Frost Gaze

Magical AOE.

Burns 15 Points Of Any Opponents Stamina Within 3 Paces Of Your Character. Cost 10 Stamina To Use. 20 Second Cool-Down. Will Burn 25 Points if WindWalker-WindWalker And 40 Points If Pure Wind Walker. (Not Recommended To Go Either WW-WW or Pure). You also get this skill as another class if you go windwalker in either stage before, for example windwalker-war-ninja Will be a ninja with this skill. Useful Against Pretty Much Any Class. Use When Not On CD. If You Are Full Stamina It Cost 0 To Cast. Fixed @ Elementary (Doesn't Need Leveled).
Frost Gaze.gif
Justice Chant
Passive.Buff. Increase the Stamina Recovery Speed For Chaser By 50% Every 5 Seconds. Additionally, If You're A Stomper You Restore Your Stamina By 20 Points Every 8 Seconds. Passive. Just Works With Fans Equipped And Helps In PVP And PVE. Fixed @ Elementary (Doesn't Need Leveled). No Visual.
Active.Physical. AOE. Does 10% Damage In PVP. Restores All Stamina Once Activated. Deals 350% Damage To Monsters. And Increases Auto Attack On Monsters. Will Hit Basically Any Target On Screen. Good For PVP By Restoring Stamina, And Lowering Stamina Cost On Skills By Half. Also Gives You A Speed Boost. Fixed @ Elementary (Doesn't Need Leveled).

Wind Walker Stomper Skills

These are the skills for the melee (stomper) branch of wind walker.

Skill Icon Skill Type Fixed Skill Information


Fixed Level &

CP Cost

Standard Visual Effects
Rage Of War
Active. Physical Skill. Fast Skill That Does 135% Of Your Damage. Cost 15 Stamina To Use And Leaves A 100% Damage Circle Where The First Target Is Hit That Explodes In 3 Seconds. 11 Paces Max Distance. Useful In 1v1 Situations And All Situations If You're Really Good. Fixed At Level 6.
Burnt Frost
Active. Physical Skill. Medium-Fast Skill That Does 115% Damage And Cost 20 Stamina Per Use.Will Hit Anyone In A Frontal Cone & On The Side Within 7 Paces. Good For Group Fights And To Stun Someone To Follow Up With A Melee. Fixed At Level 8.
Burnt Frost.gif
Anger Of Stomper
Passive. Physical Melee Attack. Has A 42% Chance To Proc Via Melee Attack And Damage A Target Instantly. Does 245% Of Your Damage. (300% On Monsters) Very Useful For PVP Killing Waters, Monks, And Other Tanky STG/ High HP Characters. Fixed At Level 9.
Anger Of Stomper.gif
Horror Of Stomper
Passive. Physical Melee Attack. After About A 1 Second Delay Does 600% Of Your Damage On Monsters Only In A Line. Good Skill To Have Leveled When Boss Farming. Fixed At Level 9. See Anger Of Stomper.
Peace Of Stomper
Passive. Physical Melee Attack. After About A 2 Second Delay Does 800% Of Your Damage On Monsters Only In A Small AOE Where Anger Of Stomper Originally Triggered. Good Skill To Have Leveled When Boss Farming. Fixed At Level 9. See Anger Of Stomper.
Healing Snow
Passive. Toggle Recovery Skill. Restores 10k HP, 7k Mana, And 1 XP Skill Energy Every 5 Seconds. Cannot Be Used With Chilling Snow, Freezing Pelter, Or Healer Rune. It's Nice For Charging Your XP Skill. Overall, the Healer Rune Is Probably Preferred. Fixed At Level 6.
Healing snow.gif
Chilling Snow
Passive Toggle Ability Skill. Have A 95% Chance To Slow The Recharge Time On An Opponents Skills By 3 Seconds. Cannot Be Used With Healing Snow Or Freezing Pelter. Pretty Useful For Big Group Fights. Fixed At Level 6.
Chilling Snow.gif
Freezing Pelter
Passive Toggle Buff Skill. Increase Your Minimum Attack By 10%. Cannot Be Used With Chilling Snow, Or Healing Snow. Having +10% Minimum Attack Isn't Ever Really Bad. Good For Bossing And PVP. Just Switch Between This And Chilling Snow For PVP As Needed. Fixed At Level 6.
Revenge Tail
Passive Toggle Ability Skill. Last For 5 Seconds, Will Reflect Up To Five Attacks Under 22000 Damage. You Still Take Damage. Use This Whenever It Is Off Cool Down If Going Against Someone Who Hits You Under 22k. Fixed At Level 6.
Revenge Tail.gif

Wind Walker Chaser Skills

These are the skills for the ranged (chaser) branch of wind walker.

Skill Icon Skill Type Fixed Skill Information Practicality Fixed Level &

CP Cost

Visual Effects
Triple Blast
Active. Physical Skill. Hits 3 Times Doing 160% Of Damage (40% Each Hit). Cost 15 Stamina. This Skill Can Reach Anyone In View. The Damage Is Calculated Differently Than Stomper, So It's A Little Less Overall. Does 500% Damage On Monsters And 40% Chance To Trigger Shadow Of Chaser. Best Single Target Attack For Ranged Wind Walker. Fixed At Level 9.
Shadow Of Chaser
Passive Toggle Ability Skill. Have A 40% Chance To Proc Via Melee Attack And Damage A Target Almost Instantly. Deal 145% Damage On All Enemies Within 3 Paces Of Original Target. Great For Both PVP And PVE. Turn It On Before You Fight. Fixed At Level 9.
Swirling Storm
Active. Physical Skill. Deals 210 To 400% Of Damage On Enemies Instantly. Cost 30 Stamina. Short Delay Between Use. Does More Damage At Front Of Cone. Gain An Extra 10% to 20% Based On How Much The Blue Bar Is Glowing To Do A Max Damage Of 420%. Good Burst Aoe Damage. Good For Team Fights. Fixed At Level 4.
Swirling Of Storm.gif
Thunder Cloud
Active. Physical Damage Turret. Instantly Will Hit A Target Within 15 Paces After Hit By Another Attack First. Does 50% Damage Without Thunder Bolt. Great For PVP And PVE. Use Whenever Off CD. Fixed At Level 8.
Thunder Bolt
Active. Turret Speed Buff. When Used Will Instantly Increase Damage By 2x On Players And 8x On Monsters. Also Increases Attack Speed Of Cloud. Use Whenever TC Is Up. Fixed At Level 6.
Thunder Bolt.gif

Wind Walker Rune Skills

These are obtained by getting the Wind Walker runes. These can be bought in the champion point store, shopping mall, Melting, or at random events.

Skill Icon Skill Type Fixed Skill Information Rune Color & Fixed Composition Points Standard Visual Effects
Revenge Gale
Passive. Toggle Skill. Last For 5 Seconds, Will Reflect Unlimited Number Of Attacks Under 22000 Damage Instead Of 5 Without Rune. You Still Take Damage. Red - Not Upgradeable. See Revenge Tail.
Crack Star
Active. Toggle Skill. Last For About 10 Seconds. One Star Can Only Be Attached To A Single Player At A Time. Does A Decent Amount Of Your Physical Damage Instantly On Attachment.

It Will Then Do A Small AOE Damage Shortly After It Is Attached To A Player Based On That Enemy Players Current HP. Only Works In PVP

Blue - Fixed @ 27. Points needed to upgrade are X.
Crack Star.gif
Wild Wind
Active. Physical Skill. Just Like Rage Of War But Slower Travel Time. Does 120% Damage On Players And 600% Damage On Monsters At Max. 15 Second Cool-Down. Blue - Fixed @ 27. Points needed to upgrade are X.
Wild Wind.gif
Double Thunder
Passive. Physical Damage Turret. Works The Same As Thunder Cloud, But Spawns Two Instead. Blue - Fixed @ 27. Points needed to upgrade are X.

Recommended PVP Runes

This is a list of runes that are suggested. Some are core that should be utilized all times, the others are up to you to choose from. I don't mention PVE runes or runes used for hitting structures etc. You can figure those out on your own.

Core Runes

These are the runes recommended for all Wind Walkers.

  • No Mercy - Honestly unless you're one of the top Wind Walkers with really good BP this is going to come in handy more than it won't so it's worth having. Even if you're super strong you may still not be able to hit that 22k damage on someone higher bp than you at all times so it's never a bad rune to have. It's especially useful in Skill pk.
  • Sharpness - This is self explanatory, it increases your damage at all times.
  • Tortoise Breaker - Melee a water or a tank using Tortoise Gems and watch their hp drop.
  • Healer - Use this for some surviability and so you don't need to ever carry/buy mana pots for self stig. This also allows you to focus on Chilling Snow, or Freezing Pelter for your aura when you're in stomper mode.
  • Deadly Sight - Pretty great rune for either ranged or melee mode that way you can get damage on them even when your passive doesn't activate.

Situational Runes

As it says, these are situational depending on who you are fighting against.

  • Tacit Strike - This is almost core if you're a break character or hybrid as a lot of people run Barrier so obviously use this.
  • Overwhelm - Obviously core when, and only when you are fighting a pirate.
  • Divine Shield - Going against a fire? Toss this on so you can beat them in points and use less pots.
  • Judgement - Same as for going against a pirate only this time for a pure water.

Non-Core Suggested Runes

These are subject to the player. I'll list some of my preferences but it's up to you, as long as you have those core runes above, the last two you choose are really up to you and your play style.

  • Wonder - Block is OP and can save you from crits/melees etc. Use it so you can stay alive longer.
  • Xp Killer - I like this more than the ones that reduce their points. The reason being is perfection xp skill pops a fair bit when going against higher perfection opponents. Reverse magic is also alright but it's gambling rather than having a guaranteed effect on their xp status.
  • Blood Spawn Booster - This one is much better than Life Drain as it makes more sense you want to heal when taking damage rather than dealing it. The only time Life Drain MIGHT be better is during big events if you use aoe skills. Overall, BSB will never steer you wrong.

Recommended Attribute Points

You really only need the 36 agility, anything else is a waste with the deadly sight rune. This is also assuming you have at least a magic bottle or gourd for mana.

For All Builds

  • Agility - 36
  • Spirit - 0
  • Strength - 0
  • Vitality - All other available points.

Recommended Builds

  • Water-Warrior-Windwalker (aka This is the only competitive Windwalker build IMHO) This gives you the skills Accuracy, Magic Shield, Reflect, and Stigma as your unique abilities. ★★★★★

Rated five stars because as I mentioned, it's really the only competitive build in the game.

Most other build paths can be found here

Chi & Jiang for all BP levels.

List of the different viable builds you can go.

Break Build

This is the standard break Character build.

Chi: Break/Hp/Imm/Pattack

Jiang: Break/Hp/Imm

Crit Build

This is for Kings/129/119 chars with the highest BP.

Chi: Pstrike/HP/IMM/Pattack

Jiang: Pstrike/Hp/IMM

Hybrid 1

This is for people that want higher sustained damage, while still breaking most people that matter. Just make sure after you're refined you have a decent amount of break still around 150-200 your choice.

Chi: Hp/Imm/Pattack/+Final or BT

Jiang Hp/Imm/Break or +Final

Hybrid 2

This is personally my favorite, because it's like you're a king in most situations without having to play the BP war.


Stage 1 & 2: Hp/Imm/Pattack/Pstrike -

Stage 3: Hp/Imm/Pstrike/Break

Stage 4: Pattack/Imm/Pstrike/Break

Jiang: Pstrike/HP/IMM/ Stage 1 BT

The reason I like this build is because you will break most kings around 70-100% of the time, and still have max crit on them and everyone else. Your final Break will be in the 130-140 range depending on your Relics etc with high turtle rank. Your hp will be 60-70k depending on all your rankings/perfection etc. and your attack will be 45k-50k with the same variables. It's honestly a great hybrid build and one to take into consideration.

Pros and Cons

  • Windwalker is either the best or second best boss killer in the game. It's close between them and a Fist wielding Warrior.
  • Can keep close in points against classes with point builds due to their skill Revenge Tail.
  • Doesn't have stamina issues as melee and not too terrible stamina issues as ranged due to their stamina passives.
  • While in XP skill they can swipe a warrior with backfire on and the backfire will not proc.
  • Still a strong class to pick up, especially if you like playing the ranged mode.
  • Still a little expensive for unbound gear, but a lot less than it used to be.
  • Unbound gear is still pretty hard to find for sale.
  • Wind Walker skills are some of the most expensive to fix in the game with many levels to them.
  • Its melee mode is less desirable after the nerfs. At the time they made sense, but that was just a month before epic pirate came out which made WW old XP skill look easy mode against the invincible pirate skill that came out with no counter.
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